Galaxy - Galaxy 10.5 Electric Shower

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Galaxy 10.5 Electric Shower

Galaxy 10.5 Electric Shower

  • Simple to use rotary control dials for temperature / flow and power select
  • Push button start / stop enables you to switch on the shower at your preferred settings
  • Three power settings to provide a comfortable shower all year round
  • FlexiFit™ multiple connection options with 6 cable entry points for an ultra-flexible installation
  • TempSure™ technology offers temperature stabilisation for a comfortable and safe shower
  • Operating pressure 1-10 bar
  • Water connection – 15mm plain shank push fit or standard compression fittings
  • Two terminal blocks allow electrical connection from the right or left hand sides
  • Removable bottom section for ease of installation
  • kW loading at 240V: 8.5, 9.5 or 10.5
  • Recommended cable sizes or fuse ratings:
    • 8.5kW 6 – 10mm² 40 Amps
    • 9.5W 10mm² 45 Amps
    • 10.5kW 10 – 16mm² 45 Amps
  • Manufactured by Applied Energy manufacturer of Redring showers
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