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Choosing and Fitting... Basins

When selecting a basin try to remember what you need it for, face washing best needs a shape which ensures the water stays in the basin, shallow edges can be a problem. If you don’t plan on fitting soap dishes, basins with a soap dish indented into them may be a better proposition, the drawback is they’ll probably need to be cleaned of soap more often.

In spite of the above, a beautiful basin design can give a boring bathroom a ‘wow’ factor, and functionality isn’t everything. You should also consider the brand as although from the perspective of performance it may offer little advantage, the exclusivity of design, finishing and the perceived value from any visitor, (or future prospective purchaser of your home), seeing it is a recognized quality brand may be important.

Basins are no longer just available with a pedestal to hide the pipes, semi pedestals, wall hung or fitted to units are all options you can choose, there’s a huge choice. Semi pedestal and wall hung versions can be a real help for people with mobility issues as they can with the correct positioning allow access for a wheelchair, and still make sure that the bathroom looks attractive.

When fixing your basin to the wall ensure that it attached using the strongest method available. The basin will get leaned on and you don’t want it to move or even fall over. ‘Fischer’ type fixings are often the most convenient method, don’t just rely on small screws into wall plugs through the underside of the basin, hollow walls obviously need different fixings to solid walls.

Remember that basins are made out of a clay ‘slip’ which is fired and shrinks within the mould and during this process the edges can end up not entirely level. If you plan on fitting a vanity basin to a unit you will almost invariably have to use silicone to make the straight wood edge mesh properly with the ceramic basin.

Recently some basins are covered in a glaze which is easy to clean and this is an obvious plus even though it is often much more expensive and the choice is limited.

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