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Choosing and Fitting... Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths are beautiful focal points in any bathroom, but it is important to look for a bath which is strong enough to be self supporting. Obviously cast iron is a material ideally suited to this type of bath, however nowadays good quality acrylic coated baths have additional reinforcement, (some with triple layering), to compete with their cast iron cousins. This type of bath is not restricted to older type designs, you can now get beautiful modern and futuristic styled versions, some of which require a dedicated panel. It pays to think about the rigidity of the panel and accessibility for maintenance when choosing a bath with this type of cover.

Cast iron baths are really hard wearing and some versions will greatly enhance any bathroom with a period styling. Cast iron is obviously extremely strong and rigid and the enamel surface coating will last for years with the correct care and attention. However they do have the drawback that they are colder and take quite a lot of water to heat them up, (but once heated up they retain they heat so that you can have a long luxuriant and relaxing soak), and they can be slippery, (acrylic is less so).

Published on in Baths, Choosing and Fitting by James