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Choosing and Fitting... Whirlpool & Spa Baths

A bath need not just be a simple tub to hold the water whilst you soak the cares of the day away. Whirlpools and spa baths add to the relaxing effect and are recognized as having a therapeutic benefit, particularly with bad backs, aches and pains. They also add a luxurious feel to a bathroom which no other single item can.

A whirlpool bath has directional jets in the sides of the bath and these force a water and air mix onto the bather giving a massage effect. The pressure is variable in almost all models to augment the invigoration that you receive as the force increases. The type and size of jet available, (usually adjustable for flow and direction), is determined by the power of the pump.

A spa bath, usually incorporates nozzles in the bottom of the bath and the air, (in some versions warmed), is mixed with water to create a explosion of bubbles against your skin to relax or invigorate, depending on the desired setting. The number of jets is variable depending on the motor and pump size.

Both of these options have additional features available such as underwater mood lighting, and in-line heaters available if not fitted as standard. It is extremely important when installing one of these types of pumped baths and electrical accessories to always engage a suitably qualified electrician.

Also with either of these alternatives regular cleaning, using the manufacturers recommendations with a proprietary disinfecting agent designed for spas and whirlpools is a necessity, for hygiene and safety reasons.

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