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Choosing and Fitting... Wastes

The waste fitting in a bathroom is where the water exits your, bath, basin, bidet or shower. It usually has a plug of some type to stop the water flowing out, except in showers. The finish will be to match your taps. For a neat finish I would always choose a pop up version, some taps incorporate this as standard, (particularly mixer taps). Another type is a ‘Click Clack’ type which operates by pressing down on the plug to release or engage it.

Both types of pop up wastes stop the chain scratching the bath, tap, etc and stop you having to think about where to hang it to keep it out of the way. In some period designed wastes the plug is able to be located into the overflow, (a ‘retainer waste’), which makes a much neater solution.

Even the waste can be a feature to improve the overall look of your bathroom as some exposed versions used on freestanding baths are finished in chrome or gold to match the taps.

Choosing the correct shower waste is important as not all will allow the heavier flow of water from power showers to disperse quickly enough to stop the tray filling with water, (often referred to as a ‘High Flow’ waste. Also some wastes have removable centres to allow hair accumulation to be easily removed.

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