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Lifetime Guarantee

Compare the Bathroom Ltd offer a guarantee for the products natural life to all original users of their bathroom range of products subject to the following conditions.

  1. As per Compare the Bathroom Ltd conditions of sale all products must be inspected for visible defects within 5 working days of delivery and before instillation (preferably before the installer arrives). No claim will be accepted if any defect would have been visible prior to instillation.
  2. If the product is believed to be defective in manufacture or material the customer should contact Compare the Bathroom, Customer Service for them to organise investigation / inspection by a representative of the Company. To enable speedy and cost effective assessment an email photograph of the problem should be forwarded for investigation. If the problem is confirmed as a guarantee issue Compare the Bathroom, to their choice and assessment will either repair, send new parts to rectify it or repay the full purchase price of the item. This is in full and final settlement of Compare the Bathroom's commitment to the lifetime guarantee.
  3. The guarantee does not cover woodwork, electrical pumps, cartridges / thermostats or washers, motors or accessories, but does cover any flaking, discoloration and rusting of metal coatings. However, sunlight exposure which may cause colour fading or warping of certain components is excluded, as is staining caused by the composition of your water (i.e. hard water), chemical and urine corrosion.
  4. The guarantee does not cover misuse, wilful or accidental damage, neglect, fair ware and tear or failure to keep the product clean in the manner specified in our cleaning instructions. Build up of mildew and limescale must be avoided and the use of corrosive liquids will mean this guarantee will be voided.
  5. The produce must be used a normal domestic water temperatures and pressures.
  6. Dedicated Compare the Bathroom products are the only product range which is covered by this guarantee. (If, for example, the shower tray is from another range to the Compare the Bathroom cubicle the tray will not be covered.)
  7. Damage or breakage of glass or its coatings are excluded.
  8. ABS rubber and plastic seals and thermostats are only guaranteed for 1 year and only if they are reasonably cleaned and maintained. Normal wear and tear is excluded.
  9. Compare the Bathroom's range of products regularly undergo improvements and changes in specifications, if an identical product is no longer available the nearest equivalent will be supplied.
  10. Compare the Bathroom do not fit any product and if the conditions of this guarantee have been fully met Compare the Bathroom reserve the right to charge for labour and travel of an engineer and all parts.
  11. The product registration must be completed and returned to Compare the Bathroom within 2 weeks of delivery to validate the lifetime guarantee otherwise the statutory guarantee will only be covered. With this proviso the lifetime guarantee extends to all Compare the Bathroom products on presentation of proof of purchase for goods used for domestic purposes within mainland Britain.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Clean baths and acrylic surfaces regularly with a non-abrasive cleaner such as "Cif".
  • In the case of shower cubicles use soapy water after each use, 50/50 water and vinegar solution should remove water marks on glass area.
  • Wipe down all surfaces and particularly glass and metal parts after usage.
  • Do not use abrasive or corrosive liquids and do not allow the build up of limescale.
  • Wood surfaces must be kept dry and any water must be removed immediately.
  • Where the wood has been cut that area must be treated with a varnish to stop water penetration.