Whirlpool Guides & Tutorials

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How to Guide:
Setting up your new Whirlpool

The ‘How to Guide’ for setting up your brand new whirlpool from Compare the Bathroom, with important information on opening your pump box, fitting your whirlpool light (if applicable), fitting your whirlpool pump and testing it to ensure it all works correctly!

At Compare the Bathroom, our team of whirlpool specialists take great care when building your whirlpool bath, using only the best suppliers for our materials and making sure your whirlpool undergoes a thorough 24 hour testing period.

That means all you need to do is sit back and relax!

Whirlpool – Frequently Asked Questions

At Compare the Bathroom, we have frequently been asked on some of the following issues. If your question is not here, please do not hesitate to get in touch using our contact form.

Our whirlpool baths are all bespoke and are manufactured in our warehouse.

A: All you need is a 13amp fused spur.

A: Firstly, alter the control next to the on/off switch. However, if that doesn’t work, turn the inside nozzle on the large jet.

A: This is in case you want to add another light. It doesn’t actually plug into anything.

A: No, but we recommend you build a wooden support with 2 x 2 wood and maybe some carpet to minimise the vibration noise.

A: Depending on how much you use it, we would recommend at least once a month with a sterilizing fluid.

A: The whirlpool baths can take up to 14 days during busy periods, as they are bespoke items. Each bath is built and tested and checked before we send them out.

For further guidance on whirlpools, browse our documentation